Do not just throw away saggy vegetables. Don’t you know that there are quick ways to save your veggies and make a healthy meal out of them? 

Before you decide on throwing your greens away, try some of the quick fixes below to extend and save the life of your veggies and other food:

Try to soak you droopy vegetables in ice water for 10 minutes

Doing this trick will make your droopy carrots and broccoli straight. It will also make your lettuce crisp again. Some veggies that you want to eat raw like celery and carrots can still be cooked nicely even without storing them properly.

You can still enjoy your old crackers and chips by toasting them in an oven to make them crisp again

This trick also works for other foods like bread and they can be best eaten when toasted. 

Don’t just throw away a burned dish as you can still save it

A lot of times, we thought that burned dishes can’t be eaten. But guess what, you can take off the burned parts then separate the un-blackened parts into another container and cover using a damp cloth or towel for 5-10 minutes. 

This trick is crucial to absorb the burned flavour. If it doesn’t taste good, try to add some seasonings such as hot sauce, or barbecue sauce to balance the taste.