Food and beverage manufacturers exert great effort into the production and development of products. It’s a fact that launching a product demands a lot of time, work, and investment for it to be successful. 

However, the process doesn’t end there as you also need resources and connections to deliver the products into proper channels.

In this case, it’s important to think ahead by considering different channels for distribution. This stage is very crucial as you know that the channels you choose for distributing your products can influence your products’ growth in terms of case pack, size, storage, and more. 

To give you a hint, below are some of important reminders when choosing the right distribution channels for your products:

Know Your Market

First on the list is knowing your target market. Once you identify your market or your prospect, gather information about your prospect to have a good chance in selling your product to them.

For instance, if you’re into fitness products then you might want to advertise or sell your items in fitness centres or gyms. Most food and beverage manufacturers prefer to do direct transactions with their consumers. 

This way, they would know where most consumers go for grocery shopping. 

Know Your Capacity 

Next is to determine your capacity. Look for proper channels that can accommodate the amount of items that you can make. 

Physical Distribution

Physical distribution is another crucial factor that you should consider. Moving your products from the production site to outlets or stores can be time-consuming and costly. It can be challenging, especially if your product requires proper storage or time-sensitive.