Place avocado on top of your toast

Avocado on toast is a popular comfort food as it is delicious and easy to make. Just grab a toast, mashed your avocado on toast, add some pepper and salt, or you can add some herbs, olive oils, and other good stuff that you like to enjoy.

Guacamole it is!

Another easy recipe to make with your ripe avocado is guacamole. Mash your avocado with garlic, lime juice, and add some salt. If you like it more festive, you can add some onions, tomatoes, hot peppers, and cilantros.

Yummy broccoli fritters

Prepare the stalk and grate it. Add some ingredients that you have, form a ball, and fry. 

Make a soup

Never waste broccoli! Every part of it can be used and turned into a soup. It is easy and very nutritious. Dice your broccoli, boil them and blend. You can add some seasonings and creamer to give you an extra kick that you wanted.