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Ways to Make Use of Some Commonly Wasted Food

Place avocado on top of your toast
Avocado on toast is a popular comfort food as it is delicious and easy to make. Just grab a toast, mashed your avocado on toast, add some pepper and salt, or you can add some herbs, olive oils, and other good stuff that you like to enjoy.
Guacamole it is!
Another easy recipe to make with your ripe avocado is guacamole. Mash your avocado with garlic, lime juice, and add some salt. If you like it more festive, you can add some …

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How to Save Money on Your Next Food Shopping

Nowadays, the cost of living everywhere is soaring and people are feeling tight on their budget. Trips to the food shop are part of our everyday life and many of us are continuing to find ways on how we can save money. 
Of course, part of it is you want to have less waste of food.  So to help you wait, here are some tips on how to save some money when you go shopping:
Prepare a list
Making a shopping list helps you save a lot of time, food waste, and money. Prepare a …

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Food Waste Heroes

These Canadians are popularly known in screens, social media, and cookbooks as they unfold the value of food as well as continuously share tricks, recipes and tips:
Jennifer Pallian
She’s from the West Coast and well-known as a foodess that influences every Canadian with her knowledge and understanding in running a household, preparing nutritious meals for the family, and reducing food waste.
Her mantra, Foodess, gives every Canadian the opportunity to acquire …

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