These Canadians are popularly known in screens, social media, and cookbooks as they unfold the value of food as well as continuously share tricks, recipes and tips:

Jennifer Pallian

She’s from the West Coast and well-known as a foodess that influences every Canadian with her knowledge and understanding in running a household, preparing nutritious meals for the family, and reducing food waste.

Her mantra, Foodess, gives every Canadian the opportunity to acquire knowledge about science cooking and discovering new recipes by utilising ingredients that are already in your fridge.

Bob Blumer

Bob Blumer is one of the most admirable chefs in Canada. He influences Canadians in every single way, especially rediscovering household meals. He is usually seen on Global News, CBS, and other popular TV shows as he shares saving tips about food. 

Bob has his own cookbook and he encountered problems on food waste when he started exploring his cooking career.

Christine Tizzard

Christine is from Toronto, and she does most of her cooking at her own kitchen, discovering new recipes using organic ingredients. She believes that food should be consumed from its root to tip. 

Christine is very passionate in limiting food waste and uses her platform to share her knowledge and influence her audience.