If couponing is the best way to save some money at grocery stores in America, Canada offers a number of ways to be practical on groceries. Do you want a list? Here are some amazing apps that are user-friendly and help you save some money:


Flipp is a digital flyer app that you can browse to save up to 2,000 stores all over North America. You can directly use your coupons by clipping them to your list of items. Flipp also helps you find the best deals or items on sale once you add an item in your shopping list. 

Another amazing feature is that you can also access other stores such as electronics, pet items, furniture, clothing, school supplies etc. and can avail best deals. By using this app, it can save you around $45 every week.


Flashfood offers discounted food items. Using this app can help you locate stores with best deals near you. You can choose a variety of food from meat to condiments just by clicking and grabbing it in stores. 

Quick and convenient, but do you want to know what the catch is?

Most people have noticed that the products in this app are expiring soon but still in good condition. To save food waste, grocery stores give away 50% off of their food items. 

Checkout 51

When you use Checkout 51, you are also earning cash back on your food purchases. This app will have another amazing offer soon that allows members to get the chance to save money on gas.