5 Inspiring Food Waste Accounts to Follow on Instagram

Instagram has become so much more than updating followers about the latest epic brunch spot, or sharing hilarious dog videos with friends; it’s become a place where we seek inspiration on what to wear, how to eat, and where to travel. In the food waste space, there are a number of chefs who are using their accounts to inspire the masses to eat with just a little more consideration. Whether it’s showcasing stunning meals made from food scraps, posting videos to challenge our thinking of the food supply chain, or promoting the latest food waste events in their home cities, it’s worth following some of these professional food waste heros for your daily dose of inspiration.

1. Chef Karen Barnaby


Serving up a literal feast for the eyes, Karen Barnaby’s feed is bursting with aerial shots of her gorgeous culinary creations. A veteran kitchen wizard, this B.C.-based chef recently teamed up with the Vancouver Food Bank to create their first ever food-surplus soup. This healthy tomato-vegetable concoction is currently distributed to Food Bank members and is also available for purchase at select public retailers.

2. Dan Barber


You may recognize Dan Barber from the first season of Netflix’s Chef’s Table where his renowned Manhattan restaurant Blue Hill, and educational farm Blue Hill at Stone Barns, were featured. He is one of the most prominent figures in the sustainable agriculture space and is on a mission to make his followers think differently about how we grow, and raise, our food.

3. Anne-Marie Bonneau


Arguably one of the most popular accounts in the food waste space, Anne-Marie Bonneau puts her plastic-free, made-at-home life on display for maximal inspiration. Expect aerial shots of epic farmer’s market hauls and aesthetically pleasing arrays of dried goods in glass jars.

4. Massimo Bottura


Massimo Bottura is Michelin stat chef, and a food waste reducing rock star. He turned an abandoned theater in a Milan suburb into Refettorio, a soup kitchen that has turned more than 15 tons of excess food into meals for the homeless, working poor, and refugees.

5. Jean-François Archambault


Led by Jean-François Archambault, the instagram account Les Tablées des Chefs (The Chef’s Table) features the adventures of his Montreal-based non-profit group. Founded in 2003, this organization re-distributes food waste from hotels and restaurants to organizations in need of support. Since its inception, Les Tablées des Chefs has diverted 750 million tonnes of uneaten food from landfills and has fed more than 2 million people - talk about inspiration.

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