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We are delighted and proud to showcase one of our favourite partners – Baklawa Queen. Nestled comfortably in Midtown, Baklawa Queen is a charming little restaurant just south of St-Clair at 1404 Yonge st.


There are many reasons to visit Baklawa Queen on top of the delicious food, most notably, the gentle genius behind this whole establishment, Hatice. Hatice is a culinary veteran, don’t let her calm demeanour trick you into thinking otherwise. She originally learned the art of Turkish food from her mother. As many children do, she followed her mother around the kitchen, learning from a young age that it was more than just about cooking food. It was about family, love, and sharing comfort with others. When she moved to Canada in 2003 she brought her passion for food and values along it with her.

Baklawa Queen

After years of having refined her skills in a number of Toronto kitchens, she opened up Baklawa Queen in February 2017. The name, no doubt a title Hatice as earned, could also be seen as a subtle tribute to her mother, the woman who made such an impact in her life.

The Food:

The food here is seriously amazing. Her signature Turkish baklawa has the perfect balance of juiciness and crunch. Each crunchy layer of phyllo leads to an explosion of this Turkish delight. Hatice even admits, the walnut baklawa is her favourite dessert in the store. You can pick up these tasty desserts for 40% off the original price, but you must hurry there are only 5 of both the baklawa and the baklawa roll available on Feedback each day! The borek, a dish made of homemade dough and stuffed with either spinach and cheese, or spiced beef is available

for only $3.30. The two sandwiches offered are the cheese panini for $6.39 and the Sujuk Panini, which is a traditional sausage panini for $7.60.

If your mouth is now watering, I would not blame you. Mine is writing about this! If you want to save money, give back to the community and support incredible local restaurants, order from Baklawa Queen on the Feedback app - available from 5:00 pm -6:00 pm daily. It’s a short pick up window so make sure you get it before it’s too late!

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