Feeding Off of U of T's Energy

I just got back from the first 2 Frosh events that we sponsored and OH MAN, what a response from all of you at U of T!

Josh, Casey, Pauline and I must have spoken face to face with over 1000 U of T students, and let me tell you that nothing has inspired us more than talking to some of our (hopefully) future customers who are just like us in so many ways. They are energetic, excitable and often instantly become our biggest supporters - I cannot thank them enough for that. Feedback is going to be launching in less than 2 weeks now, and this was the first real chance I had to feed off of the energy on the other side of the marketplace.

Feedback's co-founder Ben Walters, and CPO Casey Lewis at University of Toronto's Frosh Week Event

We have spoken to hundreds of restaurants and Feedback has experienced a positive reception from most – but I really do believe that restaurants have become used to the amount of waste that flows through their establishment each and every day. Tons of great food, tons of bored staff, and tons of restaurants that sit half-full during most hours of the day. Don’t get me wrong, we have some INCREDIBLE restaurant partners that we are very excited to collaborate with but there is just nothing like the energy and passion that these kids bring! It’s this group of motivated, young students who are hungry for a great bite, but like us, they are just as hungry to give back too. With Feedback, they can start to give back to the environment, by reducing food waste; they can give back to locals in need through our in-app matching program; and they can give back to themselves, by saving money on food from their favourite restaurants!

Our goal was to finally make it easy to give back. And after these events, we are convinced that we are onto something big!

That is it for now, U of T frosh - thank you for inspiring me over these last couple days to keep putting in those long days and longer nights and to continue to stay committed to doing food right…for once.

Feedback - Doing Food Right (I think we just found our slogan).

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