Community Spotlight: Josh Spatz Co-Founder of North of Brooklyn Pizza

For Josh Spatz, owner and co-founder of North of Brooklyn Pizza, the inspiration was simple. In his experience eating pizza in Brooklyn, he could feel something was missing in the Toronto pizza scene… the love.

5 years later, he has been recognized by many different bloggers for making the best pizza slice in the city. How, you may ask? Well it’s simple:

“For us it's about really nice ingredients. We're not freezing anything and we're doing all the prep ourselves. We're buying really nice cheese and meat, we're making our own sauce and we're making our own dough. Brooklyn pizza for us is about how they appreciate and love pizza in New York."

So we got together with Josh to ask him more about a cause that is close to the hearts and minds of every restaurant owner, operator and consumer out there… food waste.

“The worst part of North of Brooklyn’s day is right at close... We've spent hours developing our recipes and we pay lots of money to our local suppliers to source the freshest ingredients. I hate to see our perfectly good food thrown out at the end of the day.”

North of Brooklyn is better than many restaurants out there, and has spent a lot of time and effort optimizing its process to minimize their food waste. For example, their famous garlic knots are actually leftover pizza dough covered in garlic and butter

topped with a generous sprinkling of fresh thyme and grana padano cheese. However, completely eliminating food waste just didn’t seem possible.

“Every night the flow can change. Sure, we've gotten good at being able to forecast our demand, but think about how many factors can affect our sales each day...”

The result of this impossible challenge is that at the end of the day there is often perfectly good pizza that ends up being thrown out.

“Our staff are so good at doing everything they can to avoid throwing out pizza. Some even pack it up in boxes and give it to homeless people on their way home. Unfortunately, we can’t always avoid throwing some out.”

When Feedback approached Josh with a unique solution to solve food waste, he was quick to jump on board.

“We put our love, not to mention hard earned dollars, into every pizza we make. Nothing is worse than seeing it end up in the trash. Feedback allows us to keep our entire process the same, and helps us sell any remaining pizza at the end of the night. If we can do more to reduce our waste and profit from it, that’s a no-brainer.”

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