Why You Should Partner With FeedBack  
Significantly More Affordable
FeedBack is a considerably cheaper alternative to handle food take-out and delivery with more functionality than any of our competitors.
Reach New Customers

FeedBack has been featured in BlogTO, Toronto Life and many other publications. Instantly get in front of tens of thousands of local diners.
Promote Sustainability
Reach a new customer segment through FeedBack's socially conscious mission. FeedBack empowers you to track and share your social impact through our partnership. 
Leverage Unique Customer Insights
Using data, FeedBack can help you understand what diners are looking at and how to keep them coming back for more.
Optimize Bottom Line 

Use FeedBack to offer the right price at the right time, helping you run closer to full capacity throughout the entire day.
  Hear What Our Partners Have to Say  


FeedBack has proven to be a great advertising and promotional tool for our business. Would highly recommend joining the FeedBack family.



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   Frequently Asked Questions  

How can I be sure not to cannibalize my existing sales?

Unlike a normal sale where all customers are exposed to it and it is on a range of items, FeedBack sales are set for a limited amount of quantity, they DO NOT occur at the point-of-sale, and they will be on different items each day. Due to the unpredictable nature of the promotion normal customers cannot rely on it to get the items they want, when they want them.

I do not have any waste (or it is VERY little)

At Feedback, we believe that EVERY bit counts. 1 muffin a week or pounds of food a day - we do not care - we want to help everyone become a zero-waste food vendor.

What if we don't know how much leftover food we'll have?

The greatest part of our platform is the flexibility it provides. We have some partners who are able to set a baseline amount of food they throw out each day, and add and subtract from there. But we also have partners who keep their baseline at 0 meals / day, and only adjust when they have a better idea of how much leftover they may have. When an update is made and leftover food becomes available, we then notify our users so that they can come by and collect that food before closing. We give you the control, and there are no commitments or set-up fees to deter you from signing up and trying it out.

Who are your customers?

FeedBack’s user base is built up of mostly 16-35 year old’s, with a heavier distribution of University students and young professionals. They are the ones who care most about the environment and love supporting our brand for more than just the discount and convenience we can offer them. Remember, everyone who uses FeedBack has a smartphone and credit card, and thus you do not need to worry about having a very different consumer walk in your door.

How much work is involved on the restaurant end to complete an order?

Nothing! All you have to do is ask to view the customer's mobile receipt, and then prepare the food that they ordered, or allow them to select from a pre-prepared item.

Will someone help me determine how to calculate what I can afford to offer at a discount?

Yes! We use a tried and tested calculation to ensure that we are optimizing your bottom line and increasing your profit while still offering food at a price-point that will drive the most customer traffic and incremental revenue.

How do I keep track of orders purchased through the app?

As orders are placed you will get a notification. In addition to the notification you will be able to see orders using your end of the app - the menu item(s), name of the customer, and pickup window will all be displayed!