We have partnered with a number of amazing organizations to combat food insecurity, divert excess food and give back to our local communities.

Second Harvest is the largest food rescue organization in Canada and  a global thought leader on food recovery. They work across the supply chain from farmer to retail to capture surplus food before it ends up in the landfill which negatively impacts our environment.  
We work closely with Second Harvest by matching meals purchased through the app with monetary donations to Second Harvest equivalent to the amount needed for them to rescue and provide one meal to someone in need.
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The Parkdale Community Food Bank is a grass roots organization, founded by volunteers in November 2007, after the threatened closure of the 25 years old Saint Phillip's Pantry. At that time, Parkdale's food bank was at risk of disappearing.

For the last ten 
years we've made it our mission to provide food for those in need, the hungry and the impoverished. 
Feed It Forward's mission is to help make a difference to the lives of fellow Canadians who are in need of assistance with securing nutritious food and regular balanced meals by donating your unused and unsold food otherwise destined for landfill. 

Feed it Forward, eliminate waste, and help share our Canadian abundance.