Our Story

   Feedback was co-founded by Josh and Ben Walters, two cousins brought together by their shared passion for sustainability and the belief that hard work and innovation can lead to long-term, meaningful change.
It all started one night in Italy. Josh was hanging at a local pizza joint and just before close the owner offered him free full pizzas that would have otherwise been thrown away. In that moment, he realized that restaurant owners must face this dilemma all the time - they have prepared food and ingredients that they simply throw away if they can't sell enough before close. The next day Josh picked up his phone and called Ben.
They began to see the waste everywhere. Salad bars, bakeries, cafes, restaurants and food courts all threw out enormous amounts of delicious food each day! Not only that, but these restaurants were sitting empty for over half the day making it impossible to predict how much food to prepare and keep fresh. Upon speaking to restauranteurs it became evident that there was no incentive or effective method to reduce this waste. Thus, Feedback was born.
Feedback taps into restaurants inefficiencies in order to offer the lowest prices on your favourite food while reducing food waste and giving back.

Our Core Values

Win, Win, Win

Restaurant wins, consumer wins, community wins. Why do we assume a

win has to come at someone else’s expense?


Food is Precious

Any waste is too much waste! Every bit counts.


Do it Right

No matter what you do, do it with purpose, integrity and heart.


Think in Decades

Let’s continually improve the condition of our planet and the lives of the people in it.